Blog check… 1…. 2… Blogga Check


Lots of changes in the past year or so since I last wrote. And, well… really a couple of years since I’ve actually written anything worth reading, given the circumstances of my reasons why, and all that.

So… where do I begin again?

Let’s see…

I’m moving! YAY!
Moving into a slightly larger house than the one I’ve been living in for the past two years. While I still have a couple of weeks in the “old” house, I’m mostly packed, with exception to the things that my son and I will likely play with while I have him this coming weekend.

Have been going to lots of free outdoor performances at Discovery Green, here in the ever changing city of Houston, TX with the little dude. We’ve seen the Art Car Parade, we’ve seen alligators, we’ve visited beaches in Galveston, and we’ve even had the opportunity to travel a little bit. IMG_20190421_115240_1 (1).jpg

All in all, it’s been a decent year. And, it’s been a decent year, but not without some hardships- which I can’t go into here.

That all said, the move into the new house comes at the end of something else that has recently run its course to the fullest extent that it could. How do I say it best? Two things in life are certain: Death and change.

ON the upside, however, the new house has a garage! Because of this, I’ll be putting into motion some things to fully take ownership of being labelled “the bike guy” by setting up a shop to finally finish some of my bike cycle projects, as well as take on new projects for those of you who dare to bring your bike to me to be fitted, repaired, upgraded or donated to charity.

In addition to that, I’ve also been working out some simple outdoor furniture designs that I think I can accomplish building with relative ease and the few tools that I still own to make the new house a more welcoming and warm place than it has been in at least a year that I’ve observed. In fact, I’ll be posting the plans once I am in the new house, and have a run at how they come together. I suppose that I could also offer them up for sale, if anyone is interested- once they’ve been made and a small catalogue of them has been built up.

And, with that… I’ve got to get back home to get some dishes done and continue looking for a regular day gig so that the income is more steady and the likes. If anyone actually takes the time to read this, and happens to know of anything related to computer jobs in Houston, feel free to hit me up and let me know. I’ll send my resume ASAP.

And with that- one foot in front of the other… I’m on my way back to where I was prior to all the external noise has otherwise given cause for delayed writings and that kind of thing. I’ll be working more on having at least a single write-up a week. That’s a goal I believe I can get started… but, again… I’m moving, so… it might see some delays. The effort or at least thought will be there.

If you want me to write about something, feel free to hit me and let me know your topic. That’ll be helpful as well.

til soon.


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