Another day, another day

The new house is settling just fine. See more work to do in the garage, and then selling some stuff that doesn’t work for my purposes, or just doesn’t fit into my space.

Starting a bicycle project today, and just finished making some changes to the front porch area by adding some plants, moving the outdoor furniture around and watering other plants. The changes feel good.

Will likely work on removing the white chalk paint on the front steps today, and will also look for a simple rug design that I can use to paint onto the larger portion of the front porch. Looking for used umbrella for the table out front.

Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.

Leo Babauta

All-in-all, the new house is a cute place to live, even with the memories of those who lived there before me still haunting it on rare occasion. On that- I hope that they are doing well in their new location and getting on with their lives.

not the best capture, but it certainly feels cozy when sitting in the front seats.

Moving forward…
Tonight is my friend Thomas’s 47th birthday. Will be celebrating with he and his family units at KHON’s in downtown houston. It’ll be good to get out of the house and into the company of common friends. I don’t get out of the house as much as I’d like to, with exception to my morning constitution and now jog between the two bridges.

Shutting off power at the old house today. It’s good to be removed from that place. Things are moving along far better than anticipated. Perhaps all this change will be for the better. For now, I’m just content to be in my new home and without fear of the house crumbling down around me at any moment.

Right now, I’m taking full advantage of internet use at my friends Mark and Sarah’s house and researching a few things for myself- particularly around my little man’s needs. Updating this blog, and trying to get myself back into the habit of writing things out again. I’ve neglected my self-expression for the past few years. And so another day that passes, is another day for me to take advantage of the opportunity to try and get back on the creative train that I allowed myself to be shoved off of a couple of years ago.

Thanks for taking the time to read this quip, which is more or less a repeat of the past few entries. Again, I’m working on building up my writing skills again, as I’ve put them aside for far too long.

how it should be..